Milly and John met in London through work. John (a chef) would stop by the nightclub Milly managed, after a hectic shift in a busy Rosette awarded restaurant.  Both sharing a passion for food, they always thought it would be great to run a food truck together. Following the arrival of baby Salvador in summer ’16 they upped sticks and returned to Windsor where Milly had grown up, bringing their dream of owning a food truck with them…


John has been a professional chef for the last 8 years and is the most passionate foodie you’ll meet! He’s classically trained, is of Portuguese heritage and has also lived in Spain so you’ll taste a wide variety of new dishes and flavours with each menu.


Milly’s passion for cooking started from a very young age. Her Chinese mother taught her many family recipes and she has always loved to cook for friends and family. She moved to London in 2008 and managed some very swanky nightclubs, hip cocktail bars and restaurants. Since moving back to Windsor, after swapping late nights for early mornings following the birth of baby Salvador, Milly had great success running a supperclub from her home dining room.


Salvador likes eating food, putting food on his face, feeding food to his best mate (his dog, Bug) and throwing his food.